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 Console Commands

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PostSubject: Console Commands   Console Commands EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 6:39 pm

Console Commands:

Console Commands

Server Variables

-initial_cash : the minimum cash amount that a player starts with.

-roundtime : in seconds.

-respawntime : in seconds.

-slowmatch : 0 no slowmatch, 1 results in every person you kill earns you 1 second of slowmo.

-globalslow : Value between 0 and 1, will make the whole game run in slow-mo. 1 is normal speed.

-nopowerup : 1 means no powerups in maps.

-realbullet : 0 (standard) means real bullet speeds only under slowmo effect, 1 means realistic bullet speeds at all times.

-usecash : Deathmatch only command, setting it to 1 will enable cash based DM.

-ammocount : 0 full ammo load, 1 realistic, 2 survival, 3 desperado (no extra ammo).

-bottalk : 0 means no talking.

-weaponstay : in seconds, specifies the amount of time that weapons will lie on the ground before dissapearing.

-theonematch : 0 off, 1 on.

-lastmanstanding : 0 off, 1 on.

-weaponrestriction : 0 all weapons, 1 only kung-fu, 2 only melee (knife, katana, kung-fu), 3 only pistols, 4 only pistols and shotguns, 5 overrides map based weapon restictions.

-spectacularness : This kicks in slomo on spectacular events, such as grenades going off. Spectacularness ratio, 0 never, 100 always.

-respawnnumber : For last man standing and teamplay without objectives.

-restartround : 1 means restart round, 2 means restart round and reset team scores.

-cashforwin : only for teamplay, it sets how much cash to give for a win; if 0 will be used map settings

-cashforlose : only for teamplay, it sets how much cash to remove for a defeat ; if 0 will be used map settings

Client Side Settings

Almost all of these cvars can be changed in the Multiplayer > Customize menu.

Effect Detail

-cl_fx : 0 means the lowest, 1 means the autodetail (default) , 2 means higher detail (useful for screenshots)

-cl_wavedetail : bullet trail wave detail, 0-4

Third Person Camera Commands

-cam_back : cam forward shift (-24,128) , default is 90.
-cam_up : cam up shift (-24,24) , default is 12.
-cam_right : cam right shift (-24,24) , defaul is 0.

Hud Commands

-hud_r : 0-255 Red, Blue and Green HUD components.
-hud_g : 0-255
-hud_b : 0-255

-nohud : 1 = all hud graphics off.

-cl_realhud : 1 means no player/weapon info and no crosshair.

-cl_shadows : 0 = no player shadows, 1 = player shadows, 2 = shadows but without our shadow visible in first person (default)

-cl_thirdpersonswitch : 1 = switch to thirdperson when using kung fu

-cl_usepowerup : 1 = double tap use activate powerups.

-cl_laser : 0 = beta 2 laser, 1 = beta 1 laser, 2 = real laser

-cl_solidcross : Default to 2, changes the behaviour and style of the crosshair.

-r_paintball : This shows bulletholes as blobs of paint. 1 is on, 0 is off.

Mouse Acceleration


The formula for mouse acceleration is:


"raw" is the raw distance in pixels that you moved your mouse that frame. ^ means exponent, for example 4^2 is four squared. m_accelexp is the exponent you wish applied to the raw movement. Then, the resulting value is multiplied by m_accel, which is a sort of scalar for the acceleration. Finally, the result will never be greater then m_accelmax.

For those who do not understand the math, here it is in simpler terms: m_accelexp is how fast the mouse movement accelerates. m_accelexp 1 means that it does not accelerate at all, and m_accelexp 10 means that for every 1 pixel you move the mouse will accelerate 10. A good value for this is anywhere from 1 to 1.5, I like 1.1 or so. m_accel is sort of like a "sensitivity" value for the acceleration. m_accelmax is a cap on how many pixels you allow the mouse to accelerate. I hope that was clear.

cl_lasercolor 0-2 changes laser to red, green or blue. (Tested and submitted by member, Melcaleb)

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Console Commands 22924
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Console Commands
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