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Deathmatch Maps

Mapper: Dredd

Maps Ts_awaken

The Specialists are working on their kung-fu abilities in this oriental-style training facility. Just don't pay too much attention to the architecture and concentrate on not getting fragged.

Mapper: 3D_Mike

Maps Ts_bikini_b2

Set in a sumptuous mansion on a clifftop overlooking a sandy beach, Bikini is one of the most astonishing TS maps and provides some very frantic gameplay. Just watch out for the sharks...

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Ts_casa

Ey gringo, welcome to el Casa de Schmung. This South-American paradise is a retreat for The Specialists after a hard days work. With it's pool, lounges, dining room and bar, it has everything a professional killer could want. Alas, Hitman left his beach towel on the deckchair again and Castor just snapped... So the fighting's started once more.

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Ts_central

A little-known station on the London Underground that suffered an undisclosed disaster just before its grand opening. Due to the nature of the British public transport system, funding was never secured to repair it. In the meantime, The Specialists have free reign over the debris-strewn platform, waiting room and labyrinthine corridors...

Mapper: Sm0lders

Maps Ts_chateau

The sweeping stairs and elegant architecture of the TS Chateau may look strangely familiar... but forget all that, grab a katana off the wall and get slashin'. Just mind out for the piano.

Mapper: 3D_Mike/Clan-Killer

Maps Ts_dojo

Enter the construct, and do battle in and around a certain well-known dojo. Be wary of glitches in the program though...
A great all-out, no holds barred deathmatch map.

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Ts_faculty

Following a teacher's strike, The Specialists Academy has been left temporarily devoid of staff. This has, rather unfortunately, left the students free to indulge their favourite pastime on-site; Brutally slaughtering one another. This huge map provides the setting for the aforementioned carnage which allows you to battle it out in a vast array of locations ranging from lecture theatres to IT suites to libraries. Enjoy, at least until the teachers get back...

Mapper: Clan-Killer

Maps Ts_fall

Take to the rooftops above the streets of GPC in this high-rise frag-fest, which gives you the chance to hone your skills with a rifle or battle it out on the streets below.

Mapper: Clan-Killer

Maps Ts_fall

Take to the streets in this atmospheric close-quarter battle map, named in honour of TS' (alleged) elite.

Mapper: 3D_Mike

[Image thumbnail unavailable]

An odd setting for a bloodbath you may think... but no, this is another stunning map which mixes offices, warehouses and the vast titular greenhouse itself. Any window breakages must be paid for...

Mapper: WillSchnevel

Maps TS_hammertime

A construction site is the setting for this fast & furious map. Danger can come from any direction as parts of walls, floors and ceilings are missing. Can't touch this...

Mapper: Schmung/Morfeo

Maps TS_henningsen

Having recently had the blood washed off the walls, windows replaced and a new lick of paint, Henningsen is once again open and ready for visitors. Newcomers will be delighted at this, one of TS' most played maps. Whereas experienced players will enjoy getting to grips with the new look and feel of this deathmatch classic.

Mapper: Manah

Maps TS_heresy

This infamous church is still undergoing renovation, you would have thought they'd have finished by now... No matter. Another classic TS map, with a great mix of close-quarters battle and open areas.

Mapper: Mazy

Maps TS_kissmeyerbasic

One would think that, when employing a man like Castor, you'd limit the amount of glass and breakable objects in your office space. It looks like the personnel department didn't do their background checks. Now this beautifully designed office building is infested with Castor's 'associates', who he's taken it upon himself to employ.
Just remember: No fapping, please.

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Ts_panzibar

Panzibar Bar and Nightclub provides everything duelling Specialists could desire. Alas it does not include pounding music, cheap drink offers or vomit stained toilets, so you'll just have to make do with shooting each other lots.

Mapper: Morfeo, Bido

Maps Ts_lobby

How many famous scenes in a lobby can you think of? Well, quite a few actually. But not that many with a ludicrous amount of guns, slow-motion and bullet-dodging action. You guessed it, jump in and see if you can beat Neo & Co. at their own game.

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Ts_dietrich

'I'm Castor Troy!' And now you too can re-enact your favourite moment from Face/Off with this, an authentic re-creation of Dietrich's apartment. The best part is, you don't even need to amputate your face to play it!

Mapper: Clan-Killer

Maps Ts_metro

Caution must exercised in the tight corridors of this tube station and car park, as walking straight into the barrel of a Mossberg is never wise if you can't get out of the way. A medium sized map with a great deal of variety.

Mapper: WillSchnevel

Maps Ts_ordeal

The murky confines of an abandoned military bunker provide the location for this large, atmospheric map where ranged combat is the order of the day.

Mapper: Clan-Killer

Maps Ts_parking

Ever wanted to kill anyone in a multi-storey car park? I know I have. Now here's your chance to do it too. Tons of cover available behind a multitude of parked vehicles makes for some great extended firefights.

Mapper: WillSchnevel

Maps Ts_rundown0000

Keep your wits about you here, or your wits (and the rest of you, for that matter) will be splattered over the side of the cliff. A deceptively big map, a portion of Rundown consists of a cramped underground section, which provides an excellent counterpoint to the expanse of abandoned buildings on the surface.

Mapper: CayleGeorge

Maps Ts_urbannights

A map that redefines the word massive, an entire chunk of a city is represented here, complete with loads of building you can enter and enough variety to satisfy anyone. Perfect outdoor territory for snipers, great indoor areas for close-quarter gunfights.

Mapper: Evil Taxi

Maps Ts_neobaroque

Arguably one of the most atmospheric TS maps. Neo baroque is a deserted mansion with dimly lit halways and menacing architecture. The Scale of it is truly inspiring in places, with soaring curved ceilings the like of which are rarely seen in Half-life.

Mapper: Mazy

Maps TS_supertimor

From the barren rooftops to the grubby streets below, this industrial style map oozes class.
Be careful though, danger can come from any direction. Virtually all of the buildings and their many levels are accessible, making for some very interesting firefights. Make sure you watch your back.

Mapper: X-Tender

Maps Ts_theatre

Whilst practising their Shakespearian dialogue, The Specialists took the plot of Macbeth rather too literally. They've now indulged in a blood-soaked orgy of carnage onstage. This, sadly, means that they won't be ready for their opening night performance. All advance tickets will be refunded in the foyer. Rehearsals will be resumed once they've been able to sleep, perchance to dream. Aye, there's the rub.

Teamplay Maps (Removed from v3.0)

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Tm_avana

An abandoned Factory is the setting for this map, where crazed mercenaries have set up satellite uplinks which they intend to use for their own nefarious purposes. The Specialists must stop them by hacking the uplinks.

Mapper: Sm0lders

Maps Tm_harbor

Smell the tang of the sea... then duck as a 10" combat knife thuds into the crate behind you. Teamplay is essential here, as time is limited to work your way though the docks and disarm the bomb that threatens to send the whole place sky-high.

Mapper: Schmung

Maps Tm_corporate

The corporate headquarters of NashCorp has been raided! The intruders are attempting to hack the mainframe in order to gain information on our perfectly legitimate activities. Stop them before they access all the workstations!

Mapper: Kruxus

Maps Tm_stormshield

Frantic teamplay ensues around this military complex. Watch your back around the tight corridors and support your team mates. The team with the most frags wins!

Maps 22924
Maps Siggy
Maps 22924
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