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Style is everything. Well, not quite. Frags make up a fair part of any first person shooter, and TS is no exception. The difference here though, is that style is everything when it comes to getting a respectable score. Below you will see a table detailing the various multipliers you can achieve through using different moves and weapons. Explanations to follow:

Kill Type


Basic Frags









Special Frags

Stunt Frag


Sliding Frag


Double Frag

2x Second Frag

Killing The Specialist


Kills Whilst The Specialist

2x All Frags

Basic Frags

Fairly self-explanatory, any kill made whilst using a firearm, blade or kung-fu.

Special Frags

Stunt Frag: Any kill made whilst still in the air having performed a dive or a flip.

Sliding Frag: Any kill made whilst sliding across the ground.

Double Frag: Awarded when you kill two players directly after one another (i.e. within a second or so). Doing this will multiply the second frag by 2. This means a diving doublekill with a pistol would be worth 9 frags (first frag 3, second frag 3x2).


A diving kill with a gun will net you 3 Frags (1 for killing with a firearm and +2 because you're diving).

A diving Katana kill while you're The Specialist will get you 8 frags (2 for killing with the Katana, plus 2 because you are diving, all multiplied by 2 because you're The Specialist.)

Killer, Demolition Man & The Specialist

As you become more adept, you may notice you are more frequently honoured with titles being bestowed upon you at the top of the screen: These are obtained by fragging specific numbers of your foes without being killed yourself. It breaks down as follows:




Demolition Man


The Specialist



Becoming the Killer or Demolition carries with it nothing but a certain level of kudos, but reaching the level of The Specialist carries with it very real benefits.

Becoming The Specialist

In order to achieve this much-coveted title, you must kill 9 people without dying. From this point, you become Unstoppable, and all of your subsequent frags will double in value. For example; A standard kill would give you 2 frags, a stunt kill with a pistol would give you 6, and a diving knife kill would give you 10.

This scoring system makes becoming The Specialist a very worthwhile undertaking. Bear in mind though, that other players can gain at least 6 frags from killing The Specialist, so you'll more than likely have a few people specifically gunning for you.

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Scoring 22924
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