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 Kung Fu

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Kung Fu:

Kung Fu & Hand to Hand

If you find yourself devoid of weapons, or simply enjoy beating people up (hey, who doesn't?), you'll see that this is where TS comes into it's own. Kung-fu is the ultimate TS art; dispatching a heavily armed enemy with your bare hands will earn you not only the respect of your fellow players, but it will also gain you more frags (on occasion, see the Scoring section). It can be used to destroy objects and disarm & kill opponents. As you become more proficient, you can use it more often and may even find yourself favouring it over standard weapons.

At its most basic, the controls are:

Primary Fire: Punch

Kung Fu Castor_punch

Secondary Fire: Kick

Kung Fu Castor_kick

There is, however, an awful lot more to it than that. Firstly, you will notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen a bar labeled 'Kung-Fu'. This dictates the power of your attacks. When you perform a kung-fu move, the bar will reduce, and then recharge itself. From this bar, you will see how much damage your attacks can do, as the lower this bar gets, the less effective your punches and kicks will become. Below is an image of the bar in its fully charged state

Kung Fu Moves


Primary Fire


Secondary Fire

Jump Punch

Jump + Primary Fire

Jump Kick

Jump + Secondary Fire

There are also plenty of other special attacks and tricks, using varying control combinations, but we'll leave you to discover them... be a Specialist.


It is possible to knock an opponents weapon from his hands, thus leaving him unarmed and vulnerable. To do this you need to perform a kung fu attack that deals at least 30 points of damage. These include running kicks and jump kicks. Punching and kicking whilst stationary will not disarm an opponent.

Note that your opponent may have more than one weapon and only the one they are currently holding will be kicked from their hands. Though if you are disarmed and have another weapon, it will not automatically be selected for you. This gives you the opportunity to engage in a kung fu fight with your attacker or, if you choose, you may select your other weapon and attempt to attack him.

Kung Fu Whilst Armed

Even when holding weapons, it is still possible to kung fu your opponents. Simply press the jump key when close to another player and you will perform a kick. This kick can be used for disarming, as long as it is a running kick. It's also useful for disarming opponents when you find yourself close to them during a gunfight. Note that while performing this move, you will be unable to shoot.


Kung Fu Castor_block

Blocking a kung-fu attack is possible through pressing the Reload key as someone attempts to hit you. This only works when you are using kung-fu, not when you are holding a weapon. Note that the effectiveness of blocking depends on the status of your kung-fu bar; the lower it is, the more damage you will take.

Cold Cocking

Out of ammo? Can't be bothered to kick your foe to death? Well then, brutally bludgeoning them to death with your gun is the answer. Certain weapons in TS can now be used in this way, just press (you'll need to bind a key in the option menu) to strike your enemy with the stock of your gun. Spread the love, whilst cracking a few people's skulls open.

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Kung Fu 22924
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Kung Fu
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