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 Small addons

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Community developer, Global Moderator, Server Admin!
Community developer, Global Moderator, Server Admin!

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PostSubject: Small addons   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:47 am

Ok, so it turned into a small list. This manual section is a great idea though it does makes me miss my steyr TMP.

The grenade takes up 7 slots.

Ruger is armor peircing.

Usas-12 takes longer to reload than the other shotguns (a whole drum vs. one shell at a time).

You might want to mention somewhere that binding a key to "slot10" puts your weapon away fast.

cl_lasercolor 0-2 changes laser to red, green or blue.

You can edit bots.txt to change default bot names and edit bot_talk.txt to change what they say.

"-bottalk : 0 means no talking." should be mentioned in bots section.

TS_Dietrich in maps section needs updating.
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Owner Admin
Owner Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Small addons   Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:46 am

Thanks a lot Mel, going to add it now!

Also about the, "binding a key to "slot10" puts your weapon away fast." part, I find that most people play with quick switch enabled, in that case you would just press 1 (If playing with WASD) and it will put away any weapon instantly.


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Small addons
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