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 Donations towards server costs.

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Donations towards server costs. Empty
PostSubject: Donations towards server costs.   Donations towards server costs. EmptyWed Jun 16, 2010 10:37 pm

Right now, total Subz Pub monthly server costs: $10

Donations for September: -

Nex: $5 (Donated for server costs)

Donations for August: -

Krunk: $2 (Donated for server costs)
Martin: $5 (Donated for server costs)
Anonymous $5 (Donated for server costs)

Server costs for the month of August: $10 - Need: $0 - PAID

Donations for July: -

Sam: $20 (Donated for server costs)
Tra1n Wr3ck: $1 (Donated for: Server costs)
Dolly: $1 (Donated for server costs/prize)

Server costs for the month of July: $10 - Need: $0 - PAID

Donations for June: - Owner paid.

Server costs for the month of June 2010: $10 - PAID

Donations towards server costs. 22924
Donations towards server costs. Siggy
Donations towards server costs. 22924
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Donations towards server costs.
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