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Imagine playing an action movie. Imagine slow motion, spectacular dives, airwheels, backflips, wallrunning, bullet dodging, kung fu, gunfights, swordfights, knifefights... The list goes on, this is the core of TS, non-stop action and fluid gameplay.

The way you play depends on your choice of weapons, your own personal style and the map that you're playing on. The first two of these are subjective, the last is not. TS maps are split into three categories;

Deathmatch: You know what to do, all v all. Get the other guy before he gets you. The odds are stacked against you, but a true Specialist wouldn't have it any other way.

Team Deathmatch: As above, but players are split into teams and can work co-operatively to bring down the enemy.

Teamplay: These are maps with specific objectives where the players are split into two teams. Players must complete the task that has been set for them, or prevent the other team from completing theirs. These tasks vary and may include scenarios such as bomb-defusal or computer hacking.

Game Modes

As well as standard deathmatch, TS incorporates several other modes of play:

The One Mode: At the start of the map, one player is randomly selected as 'The One'. This player has to defend him or herself against all other players. When The One is killed, the person who killed them becomes The One, and so on. In order to help you survive, The One automatically receives a kung-fu, a superjump powerup, as well as a health bonus for every enemy killed. Added to this, he gets a free Slowpause powerup and is impossible to disarm.

Last Man Standing: All players spawn on a map and fight to the death. No respawning is allowed until one player has emerged victorious over the rest.

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